Fortnite Stickers for Sticker Bombing

We’ve got a new item in the shop – an awesome 40 pack of Fortnite stickers.  Stickers include popular Fortnite weapons, a couple of llamas, popular skins and a few dances thrown in.  Plus a giant chug jug for when you are battling that mid-day crash.

What’s better than a Victory Royale? A Victory Royale Sticker on your laptop to let your friends know!

Just about everyone is enjoying Fortnite (except maybe the odd hater). When we’re not playing Fortnite, we’re usually talking about it (or struggling with Fortnite controls on our mobile).

So how do we fill the gap when we aren’t playing?

Fortnite Fan Gear!

Sadly there is not very much Fortnite fan gear out there.  I’ve seen some toddler-sized t-shirts, but who can fit into those?  Walmart does sell some basic Fortnite posters (cool but we want more!).

So what does that leave us?

Fortnite Stickers!

Fortnite Stickers

Fortnite Stickers

These high quality Fortnite laptop stickers work great just about anywhere. They are vinyl stickers, meaning they will peel off smoothly and without damage from most surfaces, like laptops, tablets, phone cases etc.  But why stop there? They also are great for lockers, binders, even cars.

Fortnite Stickers