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At AmazingStickerCo, you’ll find a great selection of various high-quality vinyl stickers to help express your personality. By accessorizing personal items such as devices, cases, and water bottles, your creativity can get shown off through your personal selection of stickers. Among these, you’ll find an extremely detailed selection of anime stickers, all designed to represent popular anime television shows and movies.

When searching for these anime stickers, hover on ”Categories” in the menu at the top of the website, and allow for a drop-down menu to appear. Then, click ”Anime Stickers” and you’ll find yourself at a dedicated page for some hard-core anime lovers. AmazingStickerCo offers over six different popular anime series, featuring Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon, Tororo, Kiki, and many more. The high quality of these stickers is evident in both the material in which they are made (waterproof vinyl), and the printing of various shapes, sizes, and designs. The vinyl allows for seamless removal of stickers when you choose to switch them out without causing damage to both the sticker and the material on which it was placed. The printing of each anime sticker on the other hand, is just as detail-orientated.

During the designing process, AmazingStickersCo dedicated time to making sure each printing design has clean lines and vivid colors to really allow for your sticker to stand out! Each bundle of stickers contains between 10 – 90 pieces, all different than one another and most importantly, NO REPEATS. The amazing price for each of these bundles truly makes each buy a satisfying one.

Anime Stickers
Anime Stickers
Anime Stickers

One of the most popular packs in the anime sticker category on AmazingStickersCo is the ”Steven Universe Sticker Pack”. It is currently priced at CAD 5.99 and offers 50 pieces of your favorite Steven Universe characters and of course, lots of Steven himself! The stickers measure 2” by 2.5” on average, while some stickers offered may be smaller or bigger. This pack was designed after the Steven Universe American television show written by Rebecca Sugar in mid-2013. Since its first launch date, many anime lovers began going to market looking for great products to build the collection of their beloved anime show. AmazingStickersCo saw this as an opportunity and designed a grand bundle of Steven Universe anime stickers!

The popularity of these stickers allows for expressive creativity, whether that is placing some of these anime stickers on your snazzy water bottle, or perhaps the bumper of your car. Despite the vivid colors these stickers possess, in most cases they are aesthetic, meaning each sticker (on average) has a select amount of colors that complement one another. For example, if your brand new laptop has a white or black case, any sticker placed on it from these packs would stand out beautifully. However, you may have chosen a bold colored case, such as a bright blue, pink, or yellow, a mute toned sticker would work just as well (meaning a pale color to contrast the stronger color of the case).

Once you’ve chosen your anime stickers bundle, click ”checkout” and go through three easy steps to receive your stickers. No matter where you are, free shipping is always offered! Personalize your world with our fun stickers while knowing your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Happy sticker shopping!