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Amazing Ways to Display your Pin Collection

Have you been looking for fun and easy ways you can display your pin –collections whenever you want? Look no further!

In this article, we shall be looking at some of the amazing ways that will create lovely pin collections for us.

It does not matter if you are a newbie or an established pinner, what’s important is to get some informative ideas that will give you the needed results and have fun in the process.

So we shall show you few ideas that really matters and I hope you have lots of fun doing them.

Let dive in. The first idea is…

1. The Lanyards Approach

Pin LanyardsThis is a very popular way and you can wear your flair to different conventions, parks and special events. Again you can choose to put your favorite one on your ID badge lanyard so you can fly your flag with your colleagues.

2. The Corkboard method


Corkboard to display buttons and pinsCorkboard To be used when carrying out a permanent display, cork boards are popular and so many collectors are involved. You can move pins around and tis really helps to place them into groups with different colors . Corkboards can be found in different stores where office supplies are sold.

3. The Embroidery Hoop Method

How to Display your Pins
If you do not really need a large pin compilation then you can make do with the embroidery hoop which is ok for small pins. Select the favorite fabric hoop that you love and display some of these pins in them. It does not really matter if the pins displayed are few or more in number (and we have lots of fun jewelry pins for sale if you need more for your collection!).

These hoops allow newbies to have a feeling that they can also do some things themselves. If you plan on carrying out the embroidery hoop pin- collection, you will need to get a number of things in place. You want to ensure that you loosen the hoop to get a better result.

4. Lamp Shades
Pin Brooch Display

Woven fabric lamp shades, is an interesting way to arrange and display your pins. You can add some sweetened substance so that it makes your lamp shades beautiful. Keep things at a moderate level

5. Curated collections on specific apparel

Pin Display IdeasThere are certain times when your pins are quite many that choosing one from the collection may seem to be a huge task. It is better to start curating them in the best possible way. So choose certain colors and combine them into packs you can easily select from. When you need them at a later date, you need to seek them out and separate them carefully. There are different places you can puts these pins so what you need exactly is to ensure that you explore all available ideas.